When Is A Lawyer Needed?

Before we start asking for referrals or looking through the yellow pages for lawyers in Baltimore who can help us deal with our legal problems, it is crucial that we first establish the need for an attorney. While there are scenarios wherein legal advice from an expert is necessary – such as when a case is filed against us, or we are arrested for a crime – there are also instances in which the need for the services of a lawyer is hard to determine. If the legal problem can be solved by taking advantage of alternative sources of legal aid such as selected government agencies, hiring a lawyer may be a waste of resources. However, as a general rule, if either our freedom or finances (or both) is in trouble, the best course of action is to take in the services of a good lawyer.

An Overview Of Lawyers In Baltimore

lawyers in baltimoreOnce the necessity of professional legal services has been established, the next thing we should do is to know which type of lawyer we should tap to deal with our legal woes. Basically, there are two types of lawyers: civil and criminal. Criminal lawyers specialize in defense or prosecution, and as can be gleaned from their name, deal with crimes committed by or against a person. Civil attorneys, on the other hand, can be further classified according to their specialization. There are divorce lawyers, for instance, and practitioners that focus on corporate law. There are likewise lawyers specializing in taxation laws, and those that are experts in property law. It is important for us to pinpoint what our legal issue is so that we can zero in on that particular group of lawyers that can best help us.

Coming Up With A Short List Of Lawyers In Baltimore

After knowing which type of lawyer we should set our sights on, we can now try to come up with a short list of attorneys in our area who can provide us with the service we need. While Baltimore does have a lot of lawyers who actively practice law, it is still important that we make our choice only after thorough research and careful deliberation. One of the best ways for obtaining names of reputable lawyers in our area is asking for referrals from people we trust, such as close family members, friends, and associates. Afterwards we can narrow down our list even further by examining each lawyer’s background and paying close attention to his experience in handling issues similar to what we have and feedback from past clients.

Questions To Ask Before Signing A Contract

Lawyers In BaltimoreScrutiny of our prospective lawyers’ records is not enough, though; we need to talk to them personally to be able to determine which attorney we should take our business to. Aside from their specialty, an important question that we need to ask them is how they plan to address our legal issue, and how long it will probably take before a resolution is reached. It is also important that we know how much and how we are going to be charged for their service: do we need to pay a fixed fee monthly, or do they charge by the hour? All these should be answered satisfactorily by the lawyers in Baltimore we are considering hiring before we can make a decision.